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Pinnertest + Giveaway

I recently got my results back from the Pinnertest food intolerance test I took a few weeks back, and I have to say I’m a little surprised I wasn’t intolerant to more foods because of how often I have…

Gaia Herbs
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Sick Season Essentials

Have you been hit with the sick bug this year yet??? If so, I hope you were able to combat it quickly. If not, I put together a list of my absolute favorite products to have on hand for…

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The NutriBullet

If there’s one item in the kitchen I can’t live without, it’s undeniably my blender. This is true especially in the summer months when smoothies are always my go-to refreshment of choice. I have two blender babies I resort to—my…

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College Reminisce And Grocery Lists

It’s only been a few years since I made the transition from having all of my meals prepared for me in the dorms, to having my meals prepared by my sorority’s chef and then finally to going grocery shopping…

Paleo Passion Foods Pops
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Paleo Passion Pops

Not only does Paleo Passion Foods make some of the best grainless granola I’ve come across, they also make refreshing popsicles! A little random combo if you ask me—granola and popsicles—but I’m not one to judge because I’m addicted…

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Modern Table Meals

One product I’ve been more than happy about welcoming to the health food market is bean-based pastas. These noodles can offer anywhere from 2-3 times the amount of protein as conventional pastas, in addition to being very rich in…

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Vital Proteins

As we age our collagen production decreases, even to the point where destruction becomes greater than production. Collagen plays a huge role in our bodies by significantly promoting healthier hair, skin and nails, supporting joint and bone health, supporting…

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Rootz Superfood Nutrition Supplement

  I’ve never been one to truly utilize “pre-workouts,” mainly because of the jittery and uneasy feelings you commonly feel when consume them. I think the only times I’ve ever used them was every now and then when I would…

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My Path To Becoming A Registered Dietitian

It was my sophomore year in high school and it seemed like I had it all going for me… that was until my nagging parents teamed up and wouldn’t stop constantly chattering in my ear about this running start…