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The entire concept of EVEN Hotel is what drew me in and what made me want to dedicate part of my NY stay to. They are committed to health and wellness and provide travelers with a convenient, comfortable and flexible space away from home. I find it so hard while traveling when hotels not only have low-quality gym equipment, (or not even a gym at all), but offer very few healthy choices from a menu.

When I travel it’s all about balance. Continue working out as often as you can so you can enjoy being more lax with restaurant eats. When in New York, walk as the New Yorkers do, right?? I got tons of exercise this vaca simply by walking to as many destinations as we could and I was able to weight-lift 3 times during the week. When hotels give you all the necessary tools and resources to stay healthy during your stay, it’s that much easier to stay motivated away from home.

I was so happy I stayed at the EVEN Times Square South location, which allowed us to extend our stay downtown an extra night, instead of initially reserving two nights at the new EVEN Brooklyn location. Staying in Times Square was a whirlwind of an experience. My opinion of this part of town was busier, dirtier, and smellier than our prior location in the Meatpacking District. Although I was happy we were able to see that part of NY, it wasn’t my favorite location in the city.

EVEN Times Square South
On the other hand, my opinion of the hotel was completely different! It was very clean, well lit, exercise and wellness-focused (my favorite), and quite welcoming. The staff was very friendly and accommodating when we were 30 minutes late to checkout due to traffic in the city.

When I looked on the Internet ahead of time regarding this hotel, I was expecting an in-house café/restaurant, which turned out to be just a 24-hr convenience store. Don’t get me wrong, their options were incredibly healthy and included many of the brands I support, but didn’t include any made-to-order options. This wasn’t a big deal, as we already had a list of restaurants to hit around the city for good food.

Our room was located on the 18th floor facing south of Times Square, with a GREAT view of the beautiful buildings around us. The room included a yoga ball, resistance bands, a foam roller, a booklet of dozens of workouts having to do with the resistance bands and even a channel on the TV that offered a step-by-step guide to the workouts provided. It was pretty cool and so different from what I’m used to at hotels.



The gym was great. We used it the afternoon after checking in. It had several treadmills, ellipticals, cables, and an entire collection of dumbbells.

EVEN Brooklyn
We checked out at 11am the next morning and made our way to our reservations at the EVEN Brooklyn location across the bridge. I could tell just by driving through the streets near the hotel that it wasn’t in the best part of town. We got all checked in and brought our suitcases up to the 11th floor. It was nice knowing what to expect the room to look like from the night before. We had another good view of the buildings around us and even the East River in the far distance.


My boyfriend and I were pretty exhausted at this point from touring around the Rockefeller earlier that day so we didn’t decide to go out to eat until late evening. This probably wasn’t the best idea since we were walking for at least 30 minutes before we found somewhere appetizing. I had a few recommendations of restaurants to hit in Brooklyn, but they seemed to either be closed or about a 25-30 minute Uber drive.

I was surprised at how few shops and places to eat there were around the hotel. It really made it difficult to find anywhere to enjoy dinner our last night. We ended up stopping at Brado and had thin crust pizza, which turned out to be extremely good. We later stopped at Van Leeuwen’s Ice Cream on the way home before taking an Uber our last leg of our exploration back to our hotel.

That night was pretty miserable sleeping in the hotel room. Our air conditioning started shutting off every 30 minutes or so—also keep in mind the humidity of New York in late summer—it was not fun. I kept waking up sweating because our room never had the chance to cool down. I ended up calling the front desk around 3:30am letting them know, but the man said the service worker was not in at the moment and that the only other option was to switch rooms. I guess we could have packed up all of our stuff, but that seemed like way too much work in the middle of the night. The front desk employee said he’d let us know as soon as the service worker came in to work and that we could have a chat in the morning to see what we could do in regards to our stay.

Unfortunately, we never received any call letting us know the service worker arrived to work or wanting to discuss the problem the night before. I didn’t think it was too big of a deal at this point.

I had an earlier workout in the hotel gym, and again, it was top-notch. I really enjoyed all of the equipment. We had breakfast at the café in the hotel and the frittata turned out to be insanely good. Sam, who helped us with our order, was awesome. Very enthusiastic and loved his job. Brian was also a great help with greeting us when we first checked into the hotel. I was extremely impressed with the amount of healthy snacks and grab-n-go’s that EVEN Brooklyn offered.


We checked out soon after and headed to the airport for our flight back to Seattle.

Overall, I really loved the philosophy of EVEN Hotels and was happy I got to experience two different locations. I would definitely recommend the Times Square South location with it being near many of the touristy spots, but would have a hard time recommending the Brooklyn location due to the undesirable part of town and the AC troubles we experienced.

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