Here’s a little booty workout roundup for your workout inspo this week. My top 3 favorites at the moment and for a good reason… they work! These are designed to activate your glutes and will surely have you sore the following day. Good luck!

  1. 16-minute booty – I was so sore after this one you guys! I always try and add Rec Sweat’s 3-Piece glute band set into any exercise I can for an added burn, and this one was perfect for that. I know I’m biased, but omg the bands seriously take every single move to the next level.
  2. Quick booty circuit. This is such a great workout to have in your back pocket. You can do just a few rounds when you’re short on time, or add it to the end of your leg day workout for a serious burner. Do your future self a favor and save the post.
  3. 40-minute glute & core workout. This one is killer and major bonus… it’s live. It’s like I’m right there with you, cheering you on as you go 🍑

Comment below which workout you’re doing today and let me know how it goes! xx Rachael

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