I will never get over how effective resistance bands are. It feels like one of the fitness worlds best-kept secrets: bodyweight workouts with bands are not only accessible (you don’t even have to leave your living room) but you can actually create an incredibly challenging workout.

I love adding bands to my workouts, whether I’m weight training or doing one of my signature cardio + core workouts. Resistance bands will not only add resistance to any exercise, but can help with form and alignment, and also mind/body connection. Sharing a few resistance-band only workouts for you to try out below – watch out, you might just be converted to the band obsession!

If you’re in need of high-quality, comfortable and just nice looking bands (I’m not a fan of crazy colors or patterns personally), you have to get your hands on the bands that I created through my fitness brand Recreation Sweat. Just read the reviews if you need further convincing – they say it all!

Banded Booty Blast

This super quick and efficient workout is from Rec Sweat’s Banded Body Guide which is jam-packed with workouts that you can do anywhere – 30 workouts under 30 minutes using only bands! This is my go-to guide for traveling or grabbing a quick workout on-the-go.

15-Minute Banded Booty

I pull this one from the Instagram archives from time to time because there is nothing that burns the way that this booty workout does. This might look like a simple workout (and it is simple!) but don’t be surprised if you find yourself cursing your bands. Click here for the full workout.

30-Minute LIVE Workout

Live workouts got us through 2020, and you guys have never stopped loving them! This is a sneaky killer workout using just bands and bodyweight, and I’ll coach you through the whole thing. Click here for the full workout.

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