I still can’t get over how memorable our baby shower was. It was small and intimate at our house with our closest friends and family over to celebrate with tons of food, obviously. It honestly felt a lot like our wedding, which was also small and with so many of the same people, making it so special.

I never had a bridal shower or bachelorette before our wedding– mostly by choice because I don’t love when the spotlight is on me and partly by covid times– but this was something I was getting so excited about and knew I wanted before our little one gets here. Having the baby shower at our house honestly gave us a hard deadline to get so many things crossed off our list, whether it was stuff around the house/in the yard, or finally making a baby registry and finalizing ideas for the nursery.

our baby shower

If you know me, you know I can be pretty last minute, but like, still always pull through in the end. I spent just around 2 weeks planning our baby shower and ordering everything we needed for decor and hosting in general (links at the bottom of this post). It turned out exactly how I envisioned it!

We did an intimate guys and girls shower at our house, no typical baby shower games, tons of food, obviously, music playing, and Bridger’s request of having the Masters on for the guys. Turns out the guys all loved being able to watch golf (go figure) and then later that night they were all into the UFC fights. Worked perfectly!

Decor & Vendors

I feel like even if we were finding out the gender, I’d still lean towards the neutrals– it’s just who I am, ya know? I definitely utilized Pinterest and Instagram for baby shower inspo photos and sent them to my balloon arch and backdrop vendor, which I found through a simple google and facebook marketplace search.

As for plates, silverware, drinking glasses and a foldable table with linen, I followed my sister’s lead with her baby shower and used rentals. It was a gamechanger and I’d definitely recommend if you’re planning your own shower at your house. They dropped everything off the day before and picked it up 2 days later.

I had florals delivered the morning of, including 2 large white bouquets, 4 big bunches of baby’s breath and 10 white roses to scatter around the house.

My good friend, Kendall, took photographs of the day, which I personally think is a must to have at your baby shower. She had taken maternity photos of us around 21 weeks that I had printed out and framed for the shower, too. Made things so much more special. Highly recommend using her. Linking her Instagram here.

Balloon garland: Awesome Parties LLC
Backdrop: REAL Creations

I linked the brown dress I wore here. It was THE MOST comfortable thing to wear all day.


The games we did were cute and fun but nothing too crazy – we just wanted everybody to catch up, chat and relax. And for me, the food will always be the main event, clearly lol.

I did these scratch off baby daddy cards and everyone loved it. I got them from Etsy and it was just a PDF download to print out including a deck of wildly relevant celebrity men (Travis Kelce, Tom Cruise, Nick Cannon, etc.) and one had a blank space to insert your baby daddy’s photo. I attached Bridger’s face and had them printed, then got these scratch off circles on Amazon to put over all the faces. Whoever “has the baby daddy” essentially wins, and we did a $100 Amazon gift card. Since I threw everything together pretty last minute, I ordered a lot of things from Amazon and saved it to my Baby Shower folder on my Amazon Storefront.

We had a simple boy/girl chart for everyone to cast their vote on the baby’s gender, which will make for the best keepsake when we finally find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. We also had everybody guess baby’s birthday (my due date is May 24), time of birth, weight, length, eye color, etc. Finally, we asked everybody to write out their predictions for what traits baby will inherit from both Bridger and I, and their advice as we head into this new chapter of our life. I highly recommend doing this for your shower, we got so many sweet little messages from the people we love and it was so sweet reading them a few weeks later!


Food is always my number one, so it needed to live up to the mark. The vibe was light lunch/ heavy snacks & lots of treats, so really we’re already off to a great start, you know?

One thing that doesn’t come easy to me is asking for help when it’s a party essentially celebrating me, but I finally caved and asked some of my friends to help make the vision come to life. And I’m so happy I did. My friend, Claire, handled the charcuterie and it turned out insane. The most gorgeous spread of all of my favorites!! We also had sandwiches catered from Homegrown (local in Seattle) and they were a hit, and a few other friends, Eden, Olivia, and Anna all handled making my Herby Spring Pasta Salad, which was a fan favorite of the day. Such a great spring dish! Stocked with toothpicks and small plates for everyone, and we just snacked all afternoon.

herby spring pasta salad

To go along with the charcuterie, we had lots of @meetthesource bliss balls in some of my favorite flavors and custom goodie bags from Etsy for anyone to take some home. The night before, we filled small popcorn bags (with Lesser Evil Pink Himalayan Salt popcorn), with a sign my sister printed out that said “When Will She Pop?”


We really leaned into our gender neutral theme (but also just… neutral aesthetic) with the cutest cookies ever by @rubieslittlebakery. I gave her some of my inspo beforehand, but she really nailed it and they were probably some of the best sugar cookies I’ve ever had. She even made them with grass-fed butter and pasture-raised eggs per my request!

I loved how simple our vanilla maple cake was. Plus, it was gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free, and shipped straight to us the day before from Sweet Laurel Bakery in California, which again, made things so quick and easy. I added a cake topper from Amazon that went perfectly on top.

We had s’mores bars (also by Sweet Laurel). After the shower some of the girls and I took forks straight to the cake and talked through the whole day and had the best time.

And of course, I had to stock the sweets section with my Candy Bar Cookie by @nowherebakery x @rachaelsgoodeats (available on their site).

baby shower

I had some custom matches made for the day, too. Maybe not the most baby-friendly (lol), but a great keepsake our friends and family can use to remember the day. Plus, I keep matches everywhere we have candles in the house, so I’ll be using them too!

Overall, I’m so happy how everything turned out, it was seriously such a dreamy day. You can see more behind the scenes in this video and I’ll link everything else we used down below.

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