Let’s just say 2019 has started out BUSY. I finally released my new workout program, Rachael’s GOOD SWEAT, underneath my “Rachael’s Good” umbrella 😉 It feels beyond fulfilling getting it out there and seeing people participate in my workouts– it seriously always makes my day!!

I felt like it was ultimately time to utilize the hundreds of workouts saved in the “notes” section of my phone that I’ve collected over the past few years. Growing up playing sports, working out on my own time in college, purchasing & following a few workouts guides created by other certified personal trainers (ie. Anna Victoria’s 12-wk Fit Body Guide) during my dietetic internship, and making friends / networking with other fitness professionals and getting to train with them, I’ve tried SO MANY different styles of exercise.

This past year was when I really found my own style of workouts that get me excited to hit the gym & train everyday. It keeps me interested and engaged throughout the entire session. And most importantly, it’s helped me become more confident than I’ve ever been in the gym, my own skin, and in life. I’m stronger than ever and have really focused on perfecting my form these past two years training. It makes me proud to see how far I’ve come/my progress and makes me even more excited to share my program with YOU!


My number one goal in creating GOOD SWEAT was to make it as convenient and affordable as possible for most. Instead of selling the entire collection of 10 weeks in bulk (more money up front), I thought it would be much more feasible to release it week by week and allow us all to do the workouts together, #goodsweatguide. They’re $6.99 per week and include 4 workouts total, which comes out to $1.74 per workout. Much cheaper than any type of “class” or personal training session. Of course, those aren’t bad choices! These GOOD SWEAT workouts are just another way to switch up your routine / incorporate something new. It simply takes the thought out of designing your own workouts at the gym since everything is already pre-programmed here in the guide.

I want to make it clear that you don’t need to follow these workouts in order week-by-week (of course, it’s welcomed!!). Feel free to jump in or purchase any week available (they are released each Saturday, one at a time, for 10 weeks straight) to try them out! Maybe you already have a routine you love at home, but you’re going on vacation / a work trip and would love something to help keep you on your game while you’re away. This program is so ideal for hotel gyms since you really don’t need a lot of equipment– and no machines at all!!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how suitable GOOD SWEAT is for beginners. Well, my friends, it IS. The good news is that you can modify a lot of the exercises if you need, plus quite a few of the circuits are timed vs. providing you with a specific number of reps to complete. This is great because it allows you to push yourself to YOUR unique max, since everyone is functioning at a different level. If you’re extremely new to exercising on a consistent basis, I recommend easing into it. Modify to suit your own fitness level and take the remaining 3 days I don’t provide you a workout as a rest.


By not using machines, this guide makes it even easier for you to get it done wherever you are! At home, at the gym, traveling, etc. Throughout these 10 weeks, all you’ll need are dumbbells, barbells, and resistance bands, with a yoga ball, bosu ball and medicine ball on occasion. I’ve now begun to announce exactly what equipment you’ll need for the week ahead in the description section of each week before purchase.

Here are some resistance bands I recommend–a set of small bands and a large band.


When you purchase any week, you’ll receive a confirmation email with two downloadable links. These links have a certain number of downloads available before it expires, so make sure to save to your devices before you get locked out! *Each time you open the link it counts as a download.* If any issues arise, please email me at [email protected] and I can regenerate downloads for you 🙂 I suggest first saving to your computer so you’ll always have access, then to your phone in your iBooks app, or other device. I’ve also already seen people printing out the weeks and bringing with them to the gym in its own folder with laminated pages… I die for that!!!!

GOOD SWEAT combines HIIT and circuit training with strength and compound movement to help you get stronger and build endurance while challenging yourself and finding your fitness groove. The workouts range anywhere from 20-60 minutes, with most being around 30 minutes (excluding your 5-10 recommended warm-up).

It’s here to encourage you to move, treat your body right, and stay motivated in a supportive community. Working out shouldn’t be a chore. It should be something to look forward to each day to feel stronger—both mentally and physically—and more confident in your own body. These are literally the exact workouts I do on the daily and we’ll never complete the same workout twice!

If you ever have any questions about the program or issues with your purchase, don’t hesitate to email the team!!
[email protected]


CLICK HERE to purchase your first week of GOOD SWEAT workouts!
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  • Is this an app?
    • No, GOOD SWEAT is a series of PDF’s that are sent to your inbox. You save them to your devices and can keep forever!
  • Is this program good for beginners?
    • Yes! Modify to suit your own fitness level. A lot of the circuits are timed, allowing for you to push YOURSELF as hard as you want to go!
  • If I don’t have that much equipment at home, can I still do the workouts?
    • I recommend investing in a set of small bands, one large band, dumbbells (lighter set and heavier set), and a medicine ball! (*all linked above) If you have these items, you can definitely get through the guide, and are able to modify the exercises that ask for alternate pieces of equipment.
  • Do I have to buy each week in order?
    • Definitely NOT! I created these guides for YOUR convenience! There is no subscription and you’re able to jump in whenever you’d like to try out GOOD SWEAT. You do not need to purchase each week in order, nor do you need to complete the individual workouts in order throughout the week. They are there to spice up your exercise routine and provide you with easy-to-follow circuits that will definitely get your heart rate pumping and hopefully motivate you to want to workout / move your body on the daily.

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