If you missed it, Recreation Sweat launched their SPEED ROPE along with a 30-Day Jump Rope Challenge at the beginning of 2022. This was one of my favorite projects to help create and something we’ve been planning for the majority of last year. I taught myself how to jump rope during quarantine by making up moves as I went along and by practicing a ton. Fast forward to now, a year and a half later, I’m a confident jump roper and so excited to share a guide I wish I would have had when I first started out! 


Jumping rope is not easy, but it’s so rewarding to learn and improve. Honestly, the last time I can remember jump roping is in middle school, so you could say I basically started as a pure beginner in 2020. This guide is in ebook form (a PDF sent straight to your email) that you can use anywhere, anytime, and forever. It comes with both graphics as well as videos for each of the moves for visuals, and has a detailed breakdown of what you’ll be doing each day. My hope is that this guide gives you the tools and skills you need to master your rope. The goal is to help you learn proper form, master the basics (12 moves included), build confidence, learn various combinations, and eventually improve speed and agility. Recreation Sweat will set you up with a foundation and once you get the basics down is when the fun really begins. Plus, if you’re like me and hate running, this is actually the best (and fun) way to cardio.

The guide is 30 days long, broken into 4 weeks. While there is certainly a benefit to completing the guide as it was written, we encourage each user to add in additional rest days (there are rest days already built-in), modify movements, and add recovery time as you need. Learning a new skill can be intimidating, so while you’re challenging yourself, make sure to not not overdo it by pushing through any pain or discomfort. The workouts range from 5 to 30 minutes long, getting progressively more difficult (increasing reps, time, and speed) and more complex sets as the days go on. 

The workouts vary in format, but most are circuit format. Circuits are a great way to keep things interesting and improve multiple skills at once. For example, many sets will be 2 minutes on, 1 minute rest, repeat 3 times, meaning you complete the set for 2 minutes straight without stopping, then take a 1 minute rest before repeating two more times. We provide a combination (ranging from 2 moves back-to-back to 6-7 moves strung together!) for you to perform during that 2 minutes and you get to determine how fast you go!

The benefits of jumping rope are insane! Since incorporating it into my routine, I feel so much more agile and capable of sustaining cardio for longer periods of time. The major benefits of jumping rope include cardiovascular training, muscle endurance, strength building and toning, coordination and agility. It’s truly a full body workout.


Exclusive to Recreation Sweat, the Speed Rope is ideal for all levels of jump ropers. It is durable and made to last with details like ribbed handles and the ability to cut to your preferred length. The rope is lightweight, compact, and very easy-to-use. 

We recommend using a protected surface like gym flooring or our Sweat Mat in order to preserve and elongate the life of your rope. Jumping directly on concrete with will wear down your rope much quicker.

When you purchase the 30-day challenge guide along with the Speed Rope, you get 10% off. Click here.


In short, this guide is for EVERYONE at every skill level. Since it is progressive, it starts with easier, more simple workouts, building up to more intense sessions as your skills increase. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, you will absolutely learn new skills, improve your speed and agility, and I can assure you – you’ll have THE BEST TIME. Thousands of other like-minded people are completing the challenge as we speak, and the Rec Sweat fam is so encouraging and engaging when it comes to answering questions and offering support (DM them here for any questions).

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking to INCREASE your fitness in 2022. It’s always exciting to have goals to look forward to, and this jump rope guide is no exception. If anything, it’s something different that will sure get you excited about moving your body. If you are even a little bit interested, or have been curious about jumping rope, I highly recommend you snag the Speed Bundle. Not only is the guide a great opportunity to learn and improve, but will contribute to all of your other fitness goals. 2022 is NOT ready for us! 😉 p.s. Rec Sweat even covered a couple of the days from the guide LIVE on their IGTV (although you want to make sure you complete all the days in order, how they were designed).


Some of the most frequently asked questions! Let me know if you have others in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer 😉

I’m a beginner, can I jump right into this guide?

Yes! We designed this guide with all skill levels in mind. It’s broken into 12 basic moves, and the workouts are progressive. The first few days are shorter workouts that focus on single moves (no combinations) to make sure you master the basics and focus on form. The workouts get longer and more difficult throughout the guide, so you can progress into multiple-move combinations and add minutes to your overall jump time. If you haven’t used a jump rope in years, we do recommend becoming familiar with your rope for 1-2 weeks before even starting the guide, just to get the hang of it.

I already jump rope regularly, do I need this guide?

Again, yes!!! I’ve been testing these workouts like crazy for you guys and I’ve improved so much. If you’re already a confident jump roper, that’s great! You’re going to have so much fun working your way through this guide, building endurance and inventing combinations for yourself. The best part is that after the 30 days, you can go back and pull out workouts depending on how much time you have to workout, or if you’re wanting to snag one to use for a warm up before strength training. It’s super versatile.

Can I use my Speed Rope on concrete?

One thing about jumping rope is that you can do it literally anywhere! I love traveling with my speed rope because it’s small and lightweight, plus you don’t need much space! Most often, I’m jumping rope in our gym on our matted floors or on my yoga mat. Jumping on concrete is OK, but I want to warn you that it will degrade your rope much faster than if you were on a protected surface. This is the Sweat Mat I use and I love that it doesn’t move or slide while I’m working out. 

Can I use this guide along with my regular workout schedule?

That’s up to you! The daily workouts range in length and difficulty, but check in with how your body is feeling. If you have a regular fitness routine, you can use the early days of this ebook guide as a warm up to your regular workouts. Once the guide progresses and the jump rope sessions become longer, it might be better to do them on their own, on different days from your training. But again, check in with how your body is doing… sometimes less is more! Commit to these 30 days and make it your priority. I can’t wait to see you CRUSH IT!

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