Pulled this full body workout straight from my pregnancy guide that is currently in the works. Testing all of these workouts has been so perfect to accommodate for the bump and my changing body in general. So many changes that happen during pregnancy that you just can never anticipate until you’re in it – I hope these workouts help all the moms to be navigate fitness throughout pregnancy. I posted this whole workout on my Instagram, see my full post here.

I’m 36 weeks pregnant this week and loving my Rec Sweat set in Rosewood. The fabric is stretchy but supportive, and the adjustable straps are perfect for me right now! You can save 10% on the site with code RACHAEL10, shop here.

Full Body Workout

Warmup: Walk 5-10 Minutes (I like to walk on incline to get nice and warm!)

Circuit 1: 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest. 3 rounds total.

  • Chest Stretch Overhead Circles To Deadlift
  • Bent Over Alternating DB Rows (or DB Bent Over Isolated Row)
  • In & Out Goblet Squats
  • Narrow Grip Press

*2-Minute Rest*

Circuit 2: 3 rounds.

  • High Knees (x4) To Incline Push-Up (x1) x6
  • Sumo Squat (x1) To Punch (x4) x8
  • DB Deadlifts x10

Chest Stretch Overhead Circles To Deadlift

You’ll have to snag the Rec Sweat stretch band for this one. One of my most-used gym accessories, it’s so versatile. Try to keep even tension on the band throughout the entire movement.

Bent Over Alternating DB Rows

You can swap this out for an isolated bent over row if you prefer. Try to move slowly and with control, initiating the movement from your back.

In And Out Goblet Squats

Grab any medium-weight dumbbell as it takes some endurance to get through 30 seconds of these in and out goblet squats. You can also do just bodyweight if you prefer.

Narrow Grip Press

Grab light-ish weights and keep them pressing together throughout the entire movement. Make sure you stay energized through your core and avoid dumping into your low back. Pause with control in front of the chest.

High Knees (x4) To Incline Push-Up (x1)

You can make this low impact by eliminating the jumps between your high knees as well as the hop in and out of the push-up.

Sumo Squat (x1) To Punch (x4)

Grab light weights for this one and feel free to drop them if you experience any discomfort. Stay low in your squat during the punches, then repeat.

DB Deadlifts

Deadlifts are one of my favorite full-body movements – you’re working so many muscles here. Keep your core engaged and shoulders pulling back throughout the exercise.

Find more of my pregnancy-friendly workouts here.

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