I’m 38+ weeks pregnant and hydration is one of my main focuses during my day. I drink lots of beverages throughout the day, mostly water, and I’ve been loving supplementing with electrolytes in the afternoon. There are lots of popular brands out there, but as a quick disclaimer, you’re going to want to double check the sugar content. My brand preferences are LMNT and nuun.

Electrolytes 101

Electrolytes help your body produce energy, combat fatigue, support hormone and immune health, help muscles contract, and play a major role in proper hydration. They’re kind of like a one-stop shop in supporting overall health.

Electrolytes include:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphate
  • Bicarbonate

Too Much Sodium?

Electrolyte packets are designed to replenish essential minerals that your body loses through sweat and urine – especially during intense physical activity, heat exposure, or illness. These hydration-boosting supplements contain sodium (a component of salt), which can be a red flag for some people.

Generally, yes – it’s important to monitor your sodium intake, especially if you eat out often or consume processed foods. But when it comes to electrolyte packets, they’re specifically formulated to provide a balanced mix of electrolytes, not just sodium. The balance is what supports hydration and physical performance.

I personally would highly recommend including electrolytes in your supplement routine, but make sure you always find the right dose for your body. LMNT is apart of my daily routine in summer, when I’m training really hard, and right now since I’m pregnant.

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