I’m back with more of my kitchen favorites which should come as no surprise, are all from Amazon. I’ve been using a lot of these items for years like this 12-inch non-stick skillet – I’ve used it hundreds of times and it’s seriously the best! This crockpot is coming in handy lately and I can guarantee you it’s going to get a lot more use postpartum, so get ready for more high-protein crockpot recipes!! I’ve also been loving this blender so much recently. Smoothies have been my go-to during pregnancy – I love putting them in these glasses which is just the cherry on top.

I’m loading up on magnesium right now because it helps support relaxation and brain health. These travel packs are so convenient and I of course love that it has clean, high quality ingredients. For all my fellow pregnant mamas out there, you know that when the hunger hits having snacks on hand is key. So, I’ve especially been loving this clean granola. It’s perfect for yogurt bowls, snacks or anytime I’m craving something sweet. As a reminder, you can find more of my kitchen essentials and Amazon faves by visiting My Storefront!

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