We’ve all been ‘gym-timidated’ from time to time, whether it’s because you’ve joined a new gym or because you’re starting something for the first time. No matter what the circumstances are, it’s ok if you don’t feel 100% confident in the gym. That being said, it’s so important that after the initial period of gym-timidation that you find your groove and gain confidence. Be patient, it comes with time! While you’re getting used to being in a gym, or if you’re too intimidated to join one, I put together some of my best tips below. I hope this helps, I want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible ๐Ÿ™‚

Follow A Plan

My 8-week gym guide, GOOD // SWEAT Strength is a great program to build lean muscle and develop the weekly structure of lifting, incline-walking, and resting. Following a guide takes the burden of planning a workout and holding yourself accountable everyday, and it will hep you feel confident about what you’re doing. Grab a friend or partner and complete this guide together, even if you’re working out at different gyms (or even different time zones!). Aside from 8 weeks of strength workouts, GOOD // SWEAT Strength includes a weekly Check-In (for accountability and goal setting) and a weekly Checklist to make sure you’re accomplishing the weekly tasks. Not only w9ill this guide push you to your own limits, increase overall strength and lean body mass, but you’ll also learn how to use gym equipment, gym etiquette, and absorb so many of the tips for form and modifications.

Learn Gym Etiquette

If you feel like there are unspoken rules at the gym that everyone seems to know except you, I’ve got you! Most people learn the same lessons over time on how to be polite to other lifters, and there are some ‘unspoken’ rules that I’ve learned over time:

  1. Re-rack your weights as soon as possible. When you finish a set, or you’re grabbing a different set of weights, put your weights away first! One general rule of thumb is to use one piece of equipment at a time whenever possible. This makes it easier for everyone to share and get their workout in more efficiently.
  2. Increase personal space. Make an effort to give all other lifters the room that they need to safely lift and safely fail. Asses how much room your neighbors need to fail, and give them that space generously – that keeps everyone safe!
  3. If you need to ask a question, wait until the person you’d like to ask is between sets. Always try to avoid approaching anyone who is actively lifting.

Grab A Friend

One of the best things you can do for your own confidence is to have a partner. If you’re feeling intimidated about joining a gym, or venturing over to the squat racks, grab a friend, sibling, or partner and have them join you for a few workouts. You can work together to fight the gym-timidation and in no time you’ll be feeling like a pro.

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  1. This blog post was SO helpful for me as I started the Good Sweat Strength Guide and going into a gym. You provide content at such an affordable rate and I really appreciate that about you. Canโ€™t wait for 2.0.