My gym-based strength training guide, GOOD // SWEAT Strength, utilizes progressive overload to build strength in a sustainable way. Part of progressive overload is having a weekly split and making sure to focus on each major muscle group strategically in order to avoid plateau. The weekly muscle group split is: Lower Body 1, Pull Day, Active Recovery/Rest, Push Day, Lower Body 2, Cardio & Core, Active Recovery/Rest. This split ensures that each muscle group has adequate time to rest, fully recover and avoid over-training.

PUSH vs. PULL days are working entirely different muscle groups and both are equally important. I get a lot of questions on the difference between push vs. pull, so I’m breaking it down here. Essentially, Push Day will train all the upper body pushing muscles and alternatively, Pull Day will target all the upper body pulling muscles. Let me know what else you want me to dive into on the blog in the comments šŸ™‚


  • Major muscle groups: chest, triceps, shoulders, core
  • Core compound movements: bench press, lateral raise, overhead press, tricep extensions or skull crushers, push-ups, chest fly, etc.
  • Sneak a peek into PUSH DAY WEEK 01 below
push day


  • Major muscle groups: biceps, back, shoulders, traps, core
  • Core compound movements: rows, pull-ups, bicep curls, banded pull-aparts, cable pull-downs
  • Sneak a peek into PULL DAY WEEK 01
pull day

Hopefully this helps break it down just a little bit more! xx

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