Turn these moves into a mini-circuit for your workout of the day, or add 1-2 onto the end of your next heavy leg day for an added burn. The green band (medium resistance) from Rec Sweat’s 3-piece resistance band set is kind of my ride-or-die at this point – the light and heavy bands have their time and place but if I’m picking favorites, it’s green šŸ‘€

The bands are great for warm-up/activations, adding to weight lifting, and for burner moves like these – let’s get into it! Check out this post for video demos for each move šŸ˜Š

  1. Pulse squats (3) to heel raise (1) — squat low and pulse for 3 counts, then explode up to your toes for a heel raise. These are great because the pulses increase time under tension, which is key for endurance and muscle growth.
  2. Monster walk variation — while keeping the feet wide, take steps at about 45 degrees and sink low into your squat. You’ll really feel your outer glutes here!
  3. Ice skaters — hop from side to side, exploding off of one foot and  landing on the other. To modify, try lateral lunges.
  4. Hip bridge openers — come into a reverse tabletop position to start, then dip your hips to the ground and drive through the heels and squeeze through your glutes to lift them back up. At the top, pulse outwards into your band. A sneaky burner – I warned you!
  5. Kickbacks — start on hands and knees, and drive your leg backward, engaging your glute throughout the move and squeezing at the top. Make sure to hit both sides šŸ”„

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