From the at-home workout days of the pandemic, to getting back into the gym and all the healthy meals in between, I’m breaking down all the fitness and nutrition ebooks available on my site. Whether you’re looking for a fitness guide to gain lean muscle mass or a total wellness overhaul, I know that there is something for everyone. Full breakdown below!


There are four fitness guides available, and each was created with a different goal in mind. I promise there is something here for you, no matter if you’re a beginner or advanced. Read more to find your perfect fit!


Establish a strong foundation for your fitness and nutrition with this 6-week guide. GOOD // SWEAT At-Home was designed to be done from home, with minimal equipment and space. You can expect 5 strength-HIIT workouts per week, ranging from 25-50 minutes. The workouts are energizing, sweaty, and I promise you’ll never get bored! This guide also includes an in depth nutrition breakdown on how to use food as fuel (deep dive on carbs, fats, proteins) complete with 19 of my favorite healthy recipes. Other bonus features:

  • weekly goal-setting for accountability
  • exercise video library
  • exclusive playlist
  • access to the private GOOD // SWEAT Facebook community

This guide is jam packed with education, which makes it a great guide for beginners and intermediates, anyone starting their fitness journey, or coming back to working out after an injury.


Love GOOD // SWEAT At-Home? Snag Overtime for an additional 4 weeks of at-home workouts. You can expect 20 workouts, weekly challenge workouts to keep things spicy, and goal printouts for accountability. I’d recommend starting with GOOD // SWEAT At-Home before starting Overtime, but if you’re interested in both guides (all 10-weeks) you can buy the At-Home bundle and save 10%!


I designed this 8-week guide to push you to your limit and get in the best shape of your life at home. We got so much stronger during GOOD // SWEAT At-Home and Overtime, so this guide brings the heat! 2.0 includes 5 workouts per week using minimal equipment, gets progressively harder each week, and offers suggestions to amp up certain workouts to make it ELITE (it gets tough!). Other bonus features you’ll love:

  • exercise video glossary
  • 2 on-demand workouts per week (you can stream your workout and I’ll coach you through)
  • burnout videos to add onto your workouts

If you have experience in fitness and your nutrition is locked in, I’d recommend jumping right in to 2.0! GOOD // SWEAT 2.0 touches on nutrition and recovery, but the focus is definitely on training to get in the best shape of your life. 2.0 will take you to the next level in your fitness journey in just 8 weeks!


My first ever gym-based guide for progressive-overload strength training made for ALL fitness levels. I released this guide in 2023 after testing the program for more than 6 months and feeling better and stronger than ever. I highly recommend you join a gym for 8 weeks or at least have access to these pieces of equipment to get the absolute most out of the program: Squat Rack, Cable Machine, Bench, variety of dumbbells. In this guide, I introduce you to all of the equipment, how to feel confident in the gym, and all the core-compound movements that are crucial to gaining lean muscle mass. You can look forward to 40 workouts (5 workouts per week: Lower Body 1, Pull Day, Active Recovery Day, Push Day, Lower Body 2, Cardio & Core, Active Recovery Day) over 8 weeks and all the mental and physical strength that comes from pursuing a challenge. Plus, a section on how to maximize your nutrition input over the 8 weeks.


If you liked GOOD // SWEAT Strength, you’re going to love Level Up. 8 more weeks of gym-based workouts, and the programing is new and different from 1.0. I highly recommend completing 1.0 before jumping into Level Up, even if you have experience in the gym. This guide builds on the strength that we built in the first guide, and includes some insane bonus features that I think you’ll love. You can look forward to 8 weeks of workouts (40 total strength-based progressive workouts), workouts that optimize ANY gym layout, 4-Rep Max test to determine which weights to lift week over week, 3 Mini Podcasts to help answer common questions and offer expert advice, NEW ON-DEMAND workout with me in the gym. I highly recommend you join a gym for 8 weeks or at least have access to these pieces of equipment to get the absolute most out of the program: Squat Rack, Cable Machine, Bench, variety of dumbbells.

Your Guide to the Good Life // Winter Edition

This guide is by far the most diverse in content, from 12 healthy recipes, the ultimate self-care routine, and a 4-week workout program. Think of this guide as a mini-reset aimed to re-inspire you to cook with seasonal produce, sneak in a daily workout, and keeping up with your goals. Although I usually like to use this guide in Fall & Winter, it works year round. Let me tell you, the Chai smoothie recipe (exclusive to this guide) is one of my favs!


This guide uses a wide range of equipment including dumbbells, a barbell, resistance bands, a yoga & bosu ball, and a medicine ball – which is perfect if you’ve never worked out in a gym or you’re just starting to go back to a gym. I also utilize these workout when traveling, because I live for hotel gyms! Another feature of this guide that I love is that it is 10 weeks long, and is available for purchase week by week! That’s right – you can buy just one week if you’re curious (and then inevitably buy the rest of them when you’re hooked). Each week includes 4 workouts, using a range of equipment and varies in length from 20-60 minutes.


30-Day Jump Rope Challenge

The ultimate guide for cardio, at hone or on-the-go. Jumping rope is a fun and effective way to strengthen cardiovascular endurance, improve agility, learning a new skill and build confidence. The 30-day challenge is progressive: you’ll start by mastering the basic skills, then adding the skills together, then ultimately building complex sequences to work you way up to a 30 minute workout. 30 days of jumping rope (we built in rest days for you) is an incredible challenge and very rewarding. After you work from Day 1 – Day 30, the jump rope workouts can be added to strength training, cross training, or other fitness regimen. This digital download includes

  • video demo of each jump rope move
  • a warm-up and cool-down stretch routine
  • all of our best tips to help you learn proper form and master the basics with your rope.

Banded Body Guide

this bodyweight only guide (no bulky weights or heavy equipment needed!) is the ultimate gym-on-the go when paired with Recreation Sweat’s 3-Piece Resistance Band Set. 30 workouts under 30 minutes, plus 15 bonus Burnouts ranging from 2-3 minutes. Together, the burnouts and workouts range from 2 to 30 minutes long, so you can count on finding the perfect workout no matter how much time you have. The workouts are designed for stacking: endless opportunities to customize your workout. Do one workout each day, as listed in the guide, or, stack them up! Stack a 10-minute upper body with a 15-minute lower body and a 5-minute cardio + core for 30-minute full-body burner. Not only are the workouts great for stacking onto one another, but stacking onto other workouts — smash a booty burnout after a jump rope session, or and upper-body burner after a gym workout. The guide features a wide range of movement types, from low-key, low-impact workouts to high-energy, high-intensity workouts.  


7-Day Added Sugar Detox

This e-book is absolutely loaded with nutrition info. I love this guide because it is basically a how-to guide in learning how to reduce added sugars in your diet and retrain your taste buds to become more sensitive to sweet tasting things. Not only does it include 22 recipes, but includes a full grocery list and tips for ordering out. This guide is seriously life changing — you’ll never realize how many sugars sneak into your food until you cut them out!

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