So far this year, compared to any other, I’ve come such a long way with helping to heal my digestive issues. After removing the foods I found out I was intolerant to (more info on that here), completing multiple weeklong sugar detoxes, and truly finding balance in my life, I feel better than ever.

I didn’t grow up eating as healthy as I do now. In fact, cinnamon rolls, cheez-itz, nachos, and mac n’ cheese with hot dogs consumed most of my diet. I was extremely active and played several sports as a kid, which hid any and all immediate affects of these junk foods I was eating at the time.

It’s taken me years (including actually going to school for nutrition) to be able to say I’m finally at a place of balance and happiness with regards to food and loving my body for what it is.

– Being healthy isn’t all or nothing. It can be SIMPLE. There’s no need to overcomplicate things by counting calories, weighing out your food, etc. Stick to the basics by choosing foods that come straight from the earth, minimizing as many packaged/artificial items as possible.
– It’s not all about food either—take a day for yourself every once in a while to go do something you enjoy.
– Happy hour doesn’t always have to involve alcohol. Invite your friends to go do something active with you like going to a yoga class, nighttime walk in the neighborhood, a holiday 5k, etc.
– There isn’t one diet that fits all, it’s quite individual, so don’t get too down on yourself if something that works for someone else doesn’t work for you. Like I said above, it’s taken me years to figure out what makes my body thrive.
– When all else fails, load your plate with all the colors! #eattherainbow. Try dedicating half of your plate veggies!
– Make it a point to move and be active… every single day.
– Love your body for everything it can do! It’s pretty incredible if you think about it.
– When it comes to reading labels, opt for looking only at the ingredients lists. Ideally, you want to be able to pronounce all ingredients listed and choose packaged items with the fewest amount of ingredients possible.
– And lastly, take care of your body by fueling it with wholesome, nutrient-dense foods.

One of my favorite things about my job is helping people realize that healthy food can, in fact, be undeniably delicious. I try to achieve this by sharing classic recipes we all know and love, but substitute healthier ingredients in place. I also think it’s important to learn the concept of balance and how to mindfully indulge.

I’ve partnered with REBBL this year not only because their views on living a healthy lifestyle align with my own, but also because their products are the epitome of a mindful indulgence. They commit to donating 2.5% of all profits to Not For Sale to support regions of the world that are vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking.

REBBL Elixirs and Proteins are made from the highest quality ingredients that come from the earth. Every single ingredient is organically grown for optimal health and wellbeing, and by no means is there any gums, natural flavors, or thickeners. REBBL uses super-herbs, otherwise known as herbal adaptogens, to help calm the adrenals and decrease the flood of stress hormones in to the body.

To me, the flavor of these elixirs resembles a very decadent smoothie or shake. Completely dairy-free, these coconut milk-based beverages are packed with healthy fats and super-herbs, making them an extremely convenient healthy indulgence on the go. My favorite has to be the Dark Chocolate Protein because it contains 16g plant-based protein, maca, which is found to support healthy hormone balance, reishi, shown to support liver protection and detoxification, and ashwaghanda, which is used to support sustained physical endurance and enhanced relaxation.

Click here to see where you can buy REBBL super-herb elixirs!

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