I thought it was about time to share my top tips for how to self motivate for working out at home! Maybe you’re just making the transition to working out from home, or maybe you’ve been with me since early 2020 – either way, here are a few things I personally do to make sure I get my sweat in for the day!

Working towards a goal always gets me excited or maybe even just helps talk me into doing my daily workout. Pick out one or two accomplishments that excites you and spend a few minutes working towards it every day. Maybe it’s jump rope (ahem the 30-day Jump Rope Challenge), reading more, cooking more from your kitchen, etc.

Honestly, having a training program with workouts laid out week by week is a game changer. If you have a guide or a broken down schedule it makes it a lot harder to skip a workout. Look for a program that you can do with minimal equipment, and then go for it! If you’re looking for a new challenge, try Good Sweat At Home! It’s the one I’d recommend out of all my fitness guides. It’s 6 weeks of progressive workouts (and a nutrition breakdown) that you can do 100% from home. And if you love it.. You can move on to OVERTIME and Good Sweat 2.0

Even if you’re working out in a corner of your living room, invest in a few key things to make it feel like your “gym.” Get a good speaker (linking one here and here), maybe 1-2 sets of weights (one light-medium: 5s, 10s, 12s, another medium-heavy: 15s, 20s, 25s) and a Sweat Mat that you can roll up and tuck away when you’re done. I was desperate for some good quality (and neutral!!) gear whilst working out from home, which is why Bridge and I started Recreation Sweat. I felt like the colors on the market were always too bright and loud with crazy designs (something I’m never drawn to). The mini bands are a cult classic, but we’re always launching new items to keep you inspired!

Create a group text with like-minded people to keep you inspired. OR come join the Good Sweat facebook group (you get access when you buy any one of my Good Sweat At-Home programs). This is HANDS DOWN my top tip for motivating at home. I login every morning and scroll for a bit – always gets me in the right mood!

Determine if you’re an AM or PM workout person. Either way, plan your day in a way that makes it possible for you to feel your best during your workout. If you’re AM, set up your home-gym and set out your outfit the night before and make sure to go to bed earlier (& try not to snooze your alarm). If you’re PM, make sure you’ve had enough to eat and drink to get you through! My go-to pre-workout snack is a bliss ball – you have to try these chocolate peanut butter balls, they legit taste like cookie dough.

Welcome! I’m Rachael.

I enjoy sharing my love for food and fitness. I'm a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer, and a New York Times Bestselling author. Here you'll find all kinds of recipes and kitchen hacks, as well as workouts and fitness motivation. Enjoy! — xx Rachael

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