Protein is essential in our diets. In fact, every cell in your body contains protein. It plays a role in ALL kinds of reactions from repairing cells and tissues, helping to create antibodies to fight off infection, carrying oxygen through your body + blood, hormones, blood clotting, fluid balance, and so much more.

I personally don’t count calories or track macronutrients, but I try to consume around 30-45g protein per main meal, and more with my snacks. I usually just eyeball the quantities because I’ve had so much practice, or I stick to the golden rule that protein should be at least the size of your fist. For reference, 4 ounces of grilled salmon or one of my turkey burgers are about 20-25g of protein. A lot of people get enough protein in their diets from whole food sources, but if you’re working towards specific fitness goals like wanting to build more lean muscle mass, supplementing with a protein powder can be crucial in getting enough in your diet!

I’ve tested so many protein powders over the years, let me tell ya, and finally found a handful I use interchangeably every day. I also have a pretty sensitive stomach, so finding a high-quality version, without all the crap ingredients (and without dairy because I’m lactose intolerant) is always important to me. Sharing my top six favorites below along with any discounts I have for them!

  1. Ritual Protein – I love this one & probably my most used. It’s vanilla flavor and I go through these bags so fast. They also have a Pregnancy and Postpartum version too. Click here for my Pregnancy Supplement list.
  2. Be Well By Kelly – if quality is your number one, this is for you! It’s grass-fed beef (dairy-free) and I typically always go for the vanilla.. It makes your smoothies so fluffy, I love it and will continue to replenish my stock. (use code ‘rachaelsgoodeats’ for $5 off your first order)
  3. Rootz Nutrition Collagen protein – (code ‘RACHAEL’ for 20% off). Love this collagen. They also have a chocolate banana nut protein that I like. I use their pre-workout on occasion, too.
  4. Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein – peanut butter is my favorite, but vanilla and chocolate are a close second. I like the Unflavored whenever I’m baking and need to add protein without a flavor.
  5. Equip – Recently, I’ve been using this brand for smoothies, chia pudding, you name it. I love their vanilla collagen, chocolate beef isolate, and grass-fed colostrum.
  6. Amazing Grass Digest – I personally like the vanilla flavor most!

If you have any protein powders you love, drop them below! xx

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  1. How do you decide which one to use in a given meal/snack? Do you base it just on the flavor you’re going for or anything else? Thanks for sharing!

      1. I love bewellbykelly and vital proteins choc collagen but I have a question for you. I read that you cannot count collagen protein as part of your daily protein? Is that true? Please help me with this as I have been counting vital proteins in my smoothies this whole time!