You know I love being in the kitchen! Trying out new recipes is one of my favorite things to do. That being said, I have my ride-or-die cooking essentials that I can’t live without. From my non-stick skillet set to the best baking sheets and more, I wanted to round up all the things in my kitchen that are non-negotiables. When it comes to cooking, I truly feel like investing in quality pieces that will last forever is the way to go. Ultimately, you’ll get so much more use out of them, they won’t break on you or need to be replaced soon. So, as a dietician and cookbook author, I’m linking all my kitchen essentials down below for you.

I absolutely love Made In for not only their pots and pans, but their knives as well. Their quality is top notch and most of their products come with a lifetime warranty so you know they stand behind them. This Staub cocotte will also last me a lifetime and it’s perfect for soups and stews. If you want your meat perfectly cooked every time then you need this Bluetooth meat thermometer – just trust me! Plus, you know I had to include my cookbook in this roundup because I seriously use it every day. I’m telling you, the recipes never get old! Anyway, keep scrolling for more of my kitchen faves…

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