I’m so excited to announce that Recreation Sweat, amongst other notable at-home fitness brands, was a winner of SELF’s 2022 Home Fitness Awards. SELF awarded Recreation Sweat’s Power Band Bundle as the Best Power Bands, in which they were described as “super durable so matter how intense your workout gets. Power bands serve many purposes—for resistance training, strength support (hello, pull-ups), and stretch sessions—so we can’t recommend them enough.” You can read the full article here.

Bridger and I created Recreation Sweat during the pandemic as a way to bring high-quality, aesthetically pleasing fitness products to as many people as possible. We dreamt of a brand that would offer products to enhance any home gym or be the slim & compact accessories you can take on work trips or vacations. Bringing them to life was both a major learning experience and a dream come true. I wanted fitness equipment that I, as a personal trainer, would love to use and recommend to my community. Our resistance bands, power bands, sweat mat, sliders, jump rope and educational/How-To fitness guides and challenges not only provided a solution for many people working out from home, but cultivated a community of tight-knit, highly-motivated and encouraging women. As co-founders, we are more motivated and inspired than ever and so thankful to have the Power Band Bundle recognized for durability and versatility. I can confirm it’s the best. I use it for everything from stretching and activation before my workouts, to assisted pull-ups and pull-downs. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use the Power Band Bundle, you can sign up for Recreation Sweat’s newsletter to receive up to 3 FREE workouts every single month. The workouts range from quick core circuits to full body workouts using all of the Recreation Sweat equipment. You can also follow along on Instagram for in-feed workout inspo and the occasional workouts on Insta stories.

The brand continues to grow as the world opens back up, providing light-weight, portable, and chic fitness products that now travel with the community across the world. We’re looking forward to expanding our line on December 5th, when the brand-new Gym Bundle will launch in advance of my personal highly anticipated GOOD // SWEAT STRENGTH program (8-week gym guide). We are also expanding into apparel and lifestyle products in 2023… get ready 🙂  The Rec Sweat community is incredible and we’re actively looking for more ambassadors that align with our brand — stay up to date on Recreation Sweat’s Instagram when we open our applications in December. THANK YOU for all your support, it means the world.

P.s. the Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale is still on. Get up to 70% off Rec Sweat’s website, including our Power Band bundle! For those awaiting my Gym Guide, you will need these pieces of equipment to complete the 8-week program, so better stock up now: 3-Piece Glute Bands, Power Band, Gym Bundle (launches December 5th).

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