My passion for nutrition played a major role in my healthy pregnancy. I’ve written a few posts on how I took care of myself and my growing baby, and if you’re interested in more of the details of my pregnancy, you can find those posts here.

Now that I’m just over 2 weeks postpartum, I’m right back where I left off.. sharing all about what I’m doing nutritionally to support myself and my baby. There is one superfood I wanted to touch on that is not only amazing postpartum, but crucial during pregnancy.

Eggs! Maybe you’ve seen my Instagram stories, or you’ve been around for long enough to know that I could do PR for eggs. As an RD, I’m an advocate for eating whole foods that are rich in protein, healthy fats, and packed with nutrients and vitamins. Eggs hits on every single one of those categories. Here are a few reasons that I’m eating 2-3 eggs daily postpartum:

Protein and healthy fat

Eggs are high in protein (about 6 grams per egg) and healthy fats (Omega-3s). There is so much healing and changing that happens during the days after birth, and more than anything a healing body needs high-quality fuel. Protein is always essential for satiety, but it’s also critical to repairing tissue and rebuilding muscle. Eggs are also one of the richest sources of Omega-3s, which have anti-inflammatory properties that will support recovery post-birth.

Nutrition density

Postpartum hanger is real. And the need for convenient and nutrient-dense food is constant! Eggs are easy to prepare and store (especially if you hard boil them) and they make a great 1-handed snack (moms will understand me!). I know it’s not always easy to prioritize nutrition when your life has changed so suddenly, but it’s made a big difference for me to help me feel my absolute best!


Choline (read more about it in this blog) is vital during pregnancy to support baby’s brain health. In general, choline is great for brain health and cognitive function. Not only will baby continue to get choline through breastfeeding, but it can also help combat postpartum brain-fog.

Nature’s Multivitamin

Vitamin D, B vitamins, selenium, iron – and more. Eggs (especially the yolks, never skip the yolk!) are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.

  • Vitamin D: bone health, immune system support, calcium absorption, etc
  • B vitamins (including B12, riboflavin, folate): energy metabolism, red blood cell production, combat fatigue, immune system support
  • Antioxidants: immune system support, manage oxidative stress, etc

Looking to add more eggs to your diet? Try these recipes:

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