My dream when launching Recreation Sweat was to create high-quality workout products that make it easier to workout outside of the gym. I think we can all agree that traveling can make it difficult to keep a consistent workout routine, but I always find that I feel so much better and have more energy when I’m able to squeeze in even 5-15 minutes of movement. Between work trips, visiting family, and holidays, I keep a pretty busy travel schedule, which is why I wanted something super convenient that I can keep on my phone along with a small workout accessory, such as a band.

The Banded Body Guide is my travel workout travel BFF. The guide consists of 30 workouts under 30 minutes and uses only bodyweight and the 3-Piece Resistance Band Set, which can literally fit in any bag you’re traveling with. The workouts are so effective and I always forget how good a bodyweight workout kills!!

The workouts are broken down into 5 categories you can choose from to ensure you find the perfect workout to suit your energy levels and mood:

  • Sweaty Circuit
  • Low-Impact
  • Quickie
  • AMRAP (as many reps/rounds as possible in the given time frame)
  • Spicy Sweat

You will also find the workouts categorized by time, so if you’re looking for a specific workout length you can find it that way, OR, you can create the perfect workout by “stacking” several workouts together.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from the guide. Effective workouts that don’t require too much time or too much equipment… what more can you really ask for?? People love these especially for quick hotel workouts when you can’t count on there being much equipment available.

Attached to each workout at the bottom is a list of additional workouts from within the guide that you can use to “stack” onto your workout. These are, of course, optional, but if you feel like you have more energy (or time) to spend, they’re great to tack onto any sweat sesh! They’re typically around 5-10 minutes that will combine with the daily workout for a total of about 30-minutes. They workout stacks were strategically added onto each shorter workout set. You just hover over the top of the PDF and click the box where it will take you to the specified workout.

One of the major misconceptions about the glute bands is that they can only be used for lower body moves, but let me tell you what, they are phenomenal to add to upper body as well! This guide is full of upper body burners (and the bands bring the heat!). Those who have been to my in-person live events know how intense the arm exercises are with these bands!!

Finally, the guide includes 15 burnout that can be added onto any workout. Every burnout is 2-3 minutes and is the best way to end a quick sweat sesh. The options are endless when you’re stacking these workouts!

I highly recommend snagging the Banded Body Bundle for your next trip. Whether you’re working out from a hotel on your next work trip or enjoying a view of the beach, having 30 workouts under 30 minutes in your pocket will make it 100x easier to sneak in a quick workout and give you the best energy for your day.

CLICK HERE to get your Banded Body Guide to make working out on-the-go more doable, and more importantly, enjoyable 🙂 Bundle them with my favorite glute bands to save. Use code ‘RACHAEL10’ at checkout to save more over the top xx


Good Sweat At-Home is my original 6-week workout guide that requires nothing except a few feet of space and a set of dumbbells. This guide includes 5 workouts per week and is structured in my signature Good // Sweat format, a mix of strength training and cardiovascular challenges. Each workout takes around 45 minutes, and is guaranteed to get you sweating. I also included a comprehensive nutrition crash course

“Rachael’s Good Sweat is hands down the best, most positive, motivating workout program I’ve come across, I’ve been doing it since April 2020. Not to mention that its really an incredible value, you get all of the live workouts which are amazing with the ebook purchase!”


Once you make your way through Good Sweat At-Home, checkout 4 bonus weeks in Good Sweat Overtime, and then dive into the next challenge with Good Sweat At-Home 2.0.

Good Sweat At-Home 2.0 was designed as a continuation of the original at-home guide, so don’t be surprised when you find that the workouts are more challenging. This guide is more advanced to challenge you and continue to build lean muscle mass from the comfort of your home. I designed this guide with my favorite Recreation Sweat pieces in mind, which are all great additions to a home-gym setup. 2.0 is 8 weeks, 5 workouts per week, and includes LIVE workouts for you to follow along with in real time, and I’m your coach.

“I have really benefitted mentally and physically from using Rachael’s at home guide. I used to push myself in the gym or in workout classes hard, thinking I needed to get at least an hour of intense training or cardio in to feel good and see the results I wanted. With the Good Sweat guide, I am feeling stronger than ever and have more energy. The best part is, I’m putting in half the time. The workouts provide a lot of variation and you can go at your own pace, tailoring moves/reps to your specific needs along the way. Plus, gain access to this uplifting and supportive community. If you’re reading this and on the fence on whether to purchase, do it. You won’t regret it.”


Good Sweat Strength is the first Good Sweat gym-based guide that focuses on lifting heavier than we were in the at-home guides, using progressive overload to build lean muscle mass over time without plateau. The strength guide is 8-weeks, 5 workouts per week, with tons of built in tips on gym etiquette, proper form, and nutrition information to support building lean muscle. You’ll be feeling confident in the gym in no time, and seeing results quicker than you might think! This guide is by far the most transformational workouts program I’ve ever done, and the basis of my personal workout regimen.

“I’m currently doing this guide for the 2nd time, I feel stronger than I ever have, and the confidence I feel in the gym is amazing! I’m on week 7 and I’m getting sad it’s almost over! Definitely will be doing a 3rd round shortly after!


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I enjoy sharing my love for food and fitness. I'm a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer, and a New York Times Bestselling author. Here you'll find all kinds of recipes and kitchen hacks, as well as workouts and fitness motivation. Enjoy! — xx Rachael

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts & was so helpful this year! 2023 was a big travel year for me but this made it so much easier to get a quick workout in no matter where I was (& brought my bands everywhere)!