Coming off the holidays when we’re all a bit worn down and overwhelmed, ready to get back to our productive and healthy routines, sickness always seems to strike. It seems like everyone is taking turns getting sick this year, and if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid it (so far I have), here’s a few tips to make sure it doesn’t take you down.

1. Prioritize Your Wellness Routine

It might sound too simple, but the best thing you can do is keep up with your wellness routine. If you’ve gotten away from your good habits, there are a few things to focus on that make a big difference:

  • Get fresh air and prioritize your daily step count. 10k steps per day is a great goal, and getting outside for a few short walks does wonders for your mental health.
  • Make time for daily movement and exercise. I personally find that working out consistently helps me to feel energized, and also supports a healthy immune system.
  • Add downtime into your routine to allow your mind and body to decompress. Make a cup of tea, do a face mask before your skincare routine, take a bath, read your book – relaxing is such an important part of a balanced wellness routine.
  • Consider adding to your wellness routine by taking a yoga class, booking a session in the sauna, or cold plunging/ taking a cold shower.

2. Support Your Gut Health

Eating nutrient dense foods will always work in your favor when it comes to feeling your best, but gut health goes beyond eating well. ‘Gut health’ is really just a trendy term for the overall quality of our gut microbiome and the ratio of good to bad bacteria. The health of our gut is not only dependent on diet, but on stress levels, quality of sleep, environmental toxins, and so much more.

  • Eating a high-protein diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables helps me to feel my absolute best. During ‘sick season’ I always try to increase my water intake (hydration is key, we know this!) as well as my fiber intake to support a high-functioning gut microbiome. Read more about digestive fiber’s effect on gut health here.
  • Take daily supplements to support your gut health – the 2 that I can’t live without this time of year include a probiotic and colostrum. Check out my full supplement guide here.
  • Drink bone broth. If it feels like everyone around you is getting sick and dropping like flies, add a daily cup of bone broth to your morning routine, or as an afternoon pick me up. Bone broth is so nutrient dense and healing, and will not only support your gut health but protect your immune system. I’ve been drinking the Bone Broth Latte from my cookbook non-stop this season and I swear it’s made all the difference!
  • Read this blog for more gut health tips: 3 Gut-Healthy Foods To Try This Week

3. Make time to rest and recover

Here’s your gentle reminder that rest is productive. As much as we prioritize being busy and productive, all of our power comes from being able to rest well.

  • Level-up your sleep hygiene. Sleep has become the backbone of my wellness routine. Once upon a time I prioritized movement over sleep, but now I know that sleep heals, restores, and fuels me. I am better, smarter, and healthier when I sleep well.
  • Build a strong wind-down routine for your evenings. Try prioritizing a quiet and calming nighttime routine with less screen time – you won’t get a good night sleep if you’re going to bed in a rush and feeling overstimulated.

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