Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I love the holiday season so much, but if you’re ready to be done with indulgent holiday meals… I understand. You can only eat so much gravy, y’know? Rounding up a list of meals that I absolutely love and promise will excite your tastebuds after many, many rounds of holiday buffets with family.

Hot Honey Chicken Sliders

If you haven’t made these yet… honestly, what are you even doing?! At this point I can’t survive without these in my weekly meal rotation. You family will love you for making these, and they’ll be gobbled down quicker than you think. Click here for the recipe.

Italian Sub Paninis

These would make for an insane lunch this week – it would be so cute to prep these and bring them over to a friend to enjoy together. Customize this sandwich however you’d like, but if I’m being honest I think I absolutely nailed it. No Notes. Click here for the recipe.

Pistachio-Crusted Fish Tacos

Ready for a total change of pace? These fish tacos will do the trick, I promise. Make a batch of fresh guac, and maybe even a margarita and you can transport yourself to a mini vacation for a few minutes. Click here for the recipe.

20-Min Honey Sesame Chicken

I feel like every family has a take-out tradition over holiday break. Keep the tradition but skip the take-out this year.. you won’t regret it! Click here for the recipe.

Greek Chicken Salad With Feta Pesto

If you’re looking for something that’s both light yet satisfying, look no further. In fact, I’ve been craving this salad and will be making it ASAP! Click here for the recipe.

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