I’m in my pregnancy-friendly workout era and loving it. Currently 38 weeks pregnant (which still feels surreal to me) and I’m testing the final weeks of my pregnancy guide workouts. I look forward to testing these workouts everyday – it’s just the right amount for me to stay energized, strong, and also helping me prioritizing stretching and mobility. I’m working with my Pilates instructor (and PT) to develop this guide to make sure it’s jam-packed with education, lots of low-impact moves, modifications, and workouts you’ll want to use to stay consistent throughout your pregnancy. It’s also going to make the perfect beginners guide to working out too! Full workout below.

Warmup 10-15 minute walk‌
Circuit 1: 2 rounds
Adductor stretch x 60 seconds
Reverse lunge to high knee drive (with or without jump) x 30 seconds each leg
Fire hydrant x 12 each leg
‌(2-min rest)
Circuit 2: 3 rounds
Hip thrusts (band optional) x 12
DB squats (or squat rack) x 12
Weighted RDLs on bench x 10 each leg
‌(1-min rest)
Circuit 3: 30 seconds on, no break, 1-2 rounds
Runners lunge stretch x 30 seconds each leg
Child’s pose

Adductor Stretch

You’ll notice that I’m adding more stretching and mobility within these pregnancy-friendly workouts to make sure I’m sufficiently warm before I start lifting weight. Plus, it feels so good to stretch to have some relief for my legs and back. Growing and carrying a baby is hard work!

Reverse Lunge To High Knee Drive

Take this as a low impact move just by driving your knee up, or add a hop at the top. Prioritize your stability before adding the hop.

Fire Hydrants

These are feeling better when I take them on an incline vs on all-4s. You can use a bench or chair, or even the wall.

Hip Thrusts

Bands are optional here, I’m using the Rec Sweat medium resistance band (code RACHAEL10 for 10% off sitewide). The ball offers tons of comfortable support, so it’s my go-to accessory right now.

Weighted Squats (DBs Or Barbell)

If you have access to a barbell feel free to back squat, otherwise dumbbells are a great option. You can also just do bodyweight depending how you feel!

Weighted RDLs (On Bench)

I love this modification for added support. Focusing on stability and control within the entire range of motion rather than going too heavy.

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