Ready for some pregnancy-friendly workouts? Linking some of my go-to workouts I’ve been using throughout my pregnancy below.

While I am absolutely loving being pregnant, I don’t always love the added challenge of not being able to see my toes, tying my shoes, picking things up… Moms everywhere, you’ll get me! I’m also dying to see if my husband can hold up against the challenges I face daily. So what better way than to strap on a medicine ball and put him through a pregnancy-friendly workout?

As always, Bridger is the best sport and we had so much fun with this! He did a pretty good job, but got docked points for complaining about the ball hitting his legs during lunges. Like, hello – welcome to my life! Watch the video below and find the full pregnancy-friendly workout at the bottom of the page if you want to try.

34-Week Pregnancy Challenge Workout

40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Repeat 4-5x.

Squat To Overhead-Press (With Plate)

Dumbbell Deadlift

In-And-Out Goblet Squat

Lunge To Bicep Curl With Overhead-Press

Pregnancy-Friendly Training

If you’re looking for a pregnancy-friendly training plan, or other workouts that you can use to stay fit throughout your pregnancy, I’ll link my top resources below.

GOOD // SWEAT Strength 1.0. Though this guide was not developed to be pregnancy-friendly, I was following it into my second trimester. This is a great option if you are experienced with fitness and feel comfortable modifying certain moves to accommodate your bump!

Pregnancy Friendly Lower Body Workout: I did this workout while on our babymoon in the Maldives! I love working out in beautiful hotel gyms and I’ve been really enjoying experimenting with pregnancy-friendly exercises.

Pregnancy Friendly 20-Minute Dumbbell-Only Workout. This is such a great workout to have on hand for a day that you’re lacking time and inspiration! All you need is your dumbbells and you’ll love this one.

Pregnancy-Friendly Bosu Ball Circuit. I hadn’t yet shared that I was pregnant when I filmed this workout, but it’s a great workout to try for your first or second trimester. (Or even to modify for your third tri).

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