As a trainer, I constantly get asked by women if it’s okay to workout or exercise during your period. I think it’s great we’re getting to the point where it’s a more common topic to discuss, but I think us girls can all agree it’s a less than ideal time of the month.


Of course, we all have different symptoms, even with every cycle, varying time frames of our periods, and what may work for some may not work for others in terms of getting to the gym. That’s why I think it’s so important to realize that the question of, “should I workout while on my period” is so individual and it’s really up to YOU being in tune with your body and knowing how it’s feeling to make that decision.

Typically, the first 24 hours for me are the worst when it comes to cramps and feeling uncomfortable, so I’ll tend to skip out on the gym. Or, if I’m feeling up to it I’ll walk on the treadmill with 0% incline for anywhere from 20-35 minutes and that’s been known to help boost my mood or even reduce some of my symptoms.

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If you’re symptoms are little to none, you definitely CAN still workout on your period and return to your normal training schedule. Still not 100%? MODIFY your workouts to make them doable! Reducing the intensity or opting for a light cardio session or yoga cool-down can be just the thing you need!

Also, if you’re feeling very low on energy, dizzy or lightheaded while exercising, you should stop your workout and return to exercising when you feel back to your norm. Don’t be hard on yourself about taking a rest day! Your body needs it and will appreciate the downtime until you get your energy back.


I always try to make sure I have something to eat before I exercise during those first few days of my period because it can really help prevent any feelings of lightheadedness or fatigue while I’m at the gym. Normally, I’ll go a few days a week without eating beforehand because I go so early and I’m usually not that hungry. Try a banana, some oats, nut butter and fresh organic berries, 1/2 of a protein shake– I’ll typically reach for half of an RXBAR or some chia pudding and berries before I go workout.

The biggest takeaway is to listen to YOU and decide what’s best!

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