During a recent Q&A on instagram, I got one question that made me reflect on the complexity of the wellness industry. Someone asked how I avoid falling victim to health fads and stay true to myself and my own food philosophy. I answered briefly on stories but I thought it was a topic worth exploring in depth.

The Truth About Wellness Fads

To be totally transparent, I haven’t avoided every wellness fad. I went through my fair share of health trends that were all short lived. Diet fads always have the same result – they take me out of my intuition and inner wisdom and lock me into a set of rules that didn’t truly serve me.

From Keto, to Paleo, Carnivore, low-fat, time-restricted eating, counting calories, tracking macros, etc – none of the “life-changing” diets ever changed my life for the better. While I really believe that certain diets can have a positive impact based on short term health goals (healing your gut, losing weight, food sensitivities and intolerances), I don’t think any ‘diet’ is the best approach for sustainable, long-term health.

My Food Philosophy

In terms of nutrition, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Honestly, my best advice is to stick to eating a variety of wholesome foods from high-quality sources as close to nature as possible. Choose foods that are naturally anti-inflammatory, and a variety of colors for as much bioavailable vitamins and nutrients as possible.

For example, my diet mainly consists of:

  • High-quality animal proteins (organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, wild-caught)
  • Organic fruits and vegetables, I try to make half of my plate high-quality plants
  • Healthy fats (avocado, extra virgin olive oil, nuts & seeds, ghee & grass-fed butter)
  • Unpackaged foods; as close to nature as possible, the fewer ingredients the better. (Of course I don’t follow this 100% of the time, there are plenty of high-quality brands creating better-for-you packaged food options)
  • Little to no added-sugar. (If you’re struggling with added-sugar and sweets addiction, check out my intro to cutting out added sugars here, it is so impactful.)
  • No vegetable oils

Why I’m Anti-Diet

I’ve found that by eating high-quality, home-cooked meals most of the time, I can honor my hunger cues, eat what I actually want (not what any diet says I should be eating), all while maintaining a healthy weight, having a healthy gut with good digestion, contributing to brain health and fertility, and allowing my hair, skin, and nails to thrive.

Diet fads come and go all the time. It can be tempting to listen in when someone starts preaching about a dramatic weight loss, or improved physique due to a diet. But before you know it the trend has passed and you have to shift gears into the next big thing. It’s not good for your body or your mental health to always be applying yourself to someone else’s’ rules of good health. The best thing we can do is eat high-quality food for fuel.

Finally, yes – it does take some work to learn how to read labels, get comfortable cooking at home, knowing what to choose when ordering out, etc. But I can tell you first-hand, it’s so worth it for how good you’ll feel on a daily basis.

There is so much more info in the beginning pages of my NYT Best-Selling Cookbook, Rachael’s Good Eats. I Included an in-depth food philosophy with an example grocery list, meal plans, and 110+ healthy recipes.. including SWEETS! Did I mention that my food philosophy doesn’t omit any major food groups?! Kiss your fad diets goodbye, it’s time to eat well and enjoy it.

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