When I posted this Reel filling up our Airbnb fridge and had you guys submit a healthy hack relating to the fridge or grocery shopping, I was shocked by how many genius tips there were. I thought it would make a perfect blog post rounding up some of the best & most helpful hacks for all of us to brush up on whenever we need some inspo. Some of these may be obvious to you, but hopefully there are a few that are helpful! If I missed any that need to be featured, comment below!

Try These Healthy Hacks

1. Store herbs in a mason jar 1/2 full of water in the fridge and cut off as you need. They last so much longer and don’t wilt! Refresh water every several days. Plus: Add a plastic bag upside down over the top of cilantro or other herbs to make them last even longer.
2. Wash berries with distilled vinegar to help them last longer.
3. Store plastic containers of greens with a damp paper towel sheet on top to keep them fresher longer
4. Store cut carrots and celery in water + splash of vinegar in the fridge for crispness. (I’ve never tried this)
5. Bananas, zucchinis and greens that are on the verge of needing to be tossed out can be frozen and used in smoothies.
6. As soon as an avocado softens, store in in the refrigerator and it will last way longer.
7. Break your banana bundle into 2 separate bunches because they ripen faster when they’re all together.
8. Use beeswax wraps and reusable bags for produce (love Stasher bags) for freshness and to save plastic.
9. Keep produce on the shelves or door shelves versus in drawers so they’re in plain site and you won’t forget about them. Use clear containers to separate. Keep condiments in the drawers 🙂
10. Write expiration dates in sharpie so you can’t forget/go to waste!! (This is so helpful for broths in the fridge and for freezing leftovers — write the date)
11. This one was especially mind-blowing for me: “I love having a shared list with my husband in my reminders app with categories for each store we regularly shop at so we always know what we do/don’t need & can pick things up for each other when we’re out!” Like, you are functioning on a super-human level!
12. Organize kid’s snacks in bins and washing/pre-cutting fruits & veggies so that it’s easier to throw together their lunches
13. Lemons and limes, because they’re so porous, last much longer in water. Otherwise, they’ll dry out after some time.
14. Don’t overstock the fridge otherwise all that healthy produce can get lost and go bad. Less is more.
15. Use grocery delivery apps like InstaCart or PrimeNow so you don’t over-buy walking through the aisles.
16. Having specific sections or “homes” in your fridge for certain items. Less chaotic, more organized and welcoming to grab-and-go.
17. Take inventory and clean out your fridge before you go grocery shopping so you know exactly what you need and don’t over-buy.

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