As far as booty bands go, I think I might be their #1 fan. I’ve been using Recreation Sweat’s 3-Piece Resistance Band Set for years now, and they’ve been with me through so many phases of exercise. At first, I leaned on them for every single workout when we were all stuck at home and fitness equipment was sold out everywhere. Now, they’re a staple in my strength training routine. I love using my bands to warm up, activate specific muscle groups, support my range of motion, add an extra burn, and so much more. I also loved using more resistance bands during my pregnancy – the options are just endless!

These bands are so high-quality, comfortable, and they never slip down my legs or snap my skin. I use them for so many exercises, not just lower body, but the most requests I get are for booty-focused exercises. Rounding up 5 that I love below + all the form tips that you need!

Banded Walking Lunges

Position the band just above your knees and stand at the base of your mat, or if you’re not using a mat, allow yourself space in front of you to walk. Step forward with one foot and lunge, bending both knees to 90 degrees and emphasizing squatting into the resistance of your band. Maintain a neutral spine. A slight lean forward is normal. Step forward with your opposite foot, repeating for reps listed.

Banded Hip Thrust Openers (Bench Optional)

Once your band is positioned just above your knees, align the bottom of your upper back (sports bra line) with the edge of the long side of a bench. Lift your hips into a bridge, driving through your heels, squeezing through your glutes, and keeping resistance through the band. Your back and your hips will move in one continuous motion through the exercise (your hips are simply not only tilting up and under). I keep my gaze forward throughout the entire move. Drive your knees laterally at the very top of your glute bridge for a full count, keeping a straight line from your hips to your shoulders as much as you can. Return back to glute bridge, hips toward the sky, squeezing your glutes. Lower your hips slow and controlled until your booty is just a few inches above the ground. Repeat.

Banded Forearm Kickback (With Pulse)

Start in a neutral table top position on forearms and knees with your band positioned just above your knees. Extend one leg long behind you, making sure to keep your hips facing the floor, squeezing your lifted glute. Pulse once at the top, lowering your straight leg just 1-2 inches, then raising it back up. Keep your body stable while you drive your knee in towards your chest. Switch legs and repeat.

Banded In & Out Jump Squats

Stand in a neutral position with your feet hip width apart. Hop in the air and land with both feet wide and in a squat position. Explode up and hop both feet back to your narrow starting position. Continue to alternate.

Banded Hamstring Curl

Lay face down on your mat. Option to use your arms for additional support underneath your shoulders, pressing down through the palms. Lift your head, neck & chest off the ground as well as your feet, gaze stays down at the ground. With your resistance band just above your knees, curl your heels in towards your glutes and hold for a squeeze at the top. Repeat for as many reps listed.

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