I’m a huge fan of both turmeric and honey as they offer a multitude of health benefits. Between raw Manuka honey & curcumin, the active compound found in turmeric— they contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties, are great for the skin, good for our digestive systems, rich in antioxidants, able to heal wounds & burns, boost our immunity, help with allergies and more.

I combined the two a while ago and have been loving adding to my ginger teas at night, but since this combi is very anti-inflammatory it works great when incorporated into many different things! Try out the following below:
– mix into smoothies
– baking
– create a moisturizing face mask
– blend with your favorite golden milk elixir

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Turmeric Honey

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By Rachael DeVaux
Prep: 5 minutes


  • 1/4 cup raw organic or Manuka honey
  • 1/4-1/2 tsp turmeric spice
  • few shakes black pepper


  • Combine and stir the honey and turmeric together in a small bowl.
  • Add a few shakes of black pepper to help activate the curcumin (the compound responsible for the benefits in turmeric) in the turmeric and increase the bioavailability.
  • Store in a small, covered glass container and keep in cool, dry place. Lasts for several months.

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  1. I recently started drinking the hot tea with trumic honey lemon and Ginger the taste is great like I crave it every morning the first time I had a glass it stopped my pain in my hips by the next glass the next morning is it ok to drink every morning

  2. Hello! Rachael Devaux says
    The article of yours is super easy to understand. I have also read on other websites that it is very effective for the skin. You have also mentioned making a face mask.
    My question is that I’ve been suffering from Ring Worm disease for a year now. I’ve tried many ways to heal it but nothing seemed to work. Do you think Turmeric Honey paste would work on it? Though I’ve never done it before, still I will not hesitate to do anything if it works for me.

  3. I am allergic (ASMATIC) to several allergens, such as cold, dusty, smoky environments, will tumeric+honey+black pepper be helpful in countering the congestion of my chest every time I am exposed?

  4. I developed bronchitis years ago as a result of having to work in the smoking section for a month as a flight attendant. I have tried numerous remedies over the years however I am still plagued with it. I am hoping this will give me the relief I am looking for. Am I to understand that this mixture can be added to foods and beverages without hindering the effects.
    Looking forward to your response?

  5. I would like to make the receipe you have for Tumeric and Manuka honey but how much do you take a day and when like before food or after food or with food. Do you think it would help me as I have terrible Anxiety.
    Thank you in advance – Cheryl

  6. I have a 2 year old who was diagnosed with transient synovitis… a viral cold settled into her hip and knee joints causing inflammation (makes her limp and fall). Instead of giving her ibuprofen around the clock for weeks as was suggested, I was considering a tumeric honey in chamomile tea for her. Any thoughts on this? I’m wondering if itll be as effective as the ibuprofen. That just seems like a lot of medicine in one so small.

    1. NO!! It not recommended for children under 2 years old. Honey contains toxic bacteria that may cause infant botulism, a serious form of food poisoning that can end in death. There is also a risk of pollen allergies developed from honey. Don’t risk it!