One thing I get requests for all the time is for healthy lunch ideas and listen, I’m with you- lunch might just be the trickiest meal of the day. It’s easy to get sucked into work just to realize it’s already 2 o’clock and you’re starving. I feel like this has been happening to me all the time, which is why I have a few go-to lunches that are quick to make and high in protein to keep my energy levels steady throughout the afternoon. Add any of your fav lunches in the comments below, I’m always looking for more inspo!

  1. Pesto Chicken Salad – love prepping this for a few days at a time! Eat it with salad, crackers, on toast… I’m telling you, the possibilities are endless lol.
  2. White Bean Greek Salad – packed with veggies and super refreshing for summer, or honestly, anytime of year. This is a great higher-protein option for those plant-based.
  3. Chicken Caesar Wrap – might just be my favorite lunch at the moment or whenever I have leftovers from a big chicken salad. Watch my reel for it here
  4. My Go-to Loaded Sandwich – I’m pretty sure you guys are just as obsessed with this one as Bridger and I are, but lately I’ve just been deconstructing it into two pieces of toast and making a loaded avo egg situation (s/o Toast Society). I do two gluten-free toasts (I like the brands: Base Culture, AWG bakery, local sourdough), then spread with ghee, add smashed avo, flakey salt, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a slice of organic deli turkey, a fried pasture-raised egg, red chili flakes– all on each toast– and a side of sauerkraut on the side! Ugh, it’s the best.
  5. PB&J Smoothie – loaded with veggies and high-quality protein powder, I love a smoothie for lunch (or any time of day) when I’m in a pinch and hungry.

If you’re looking for healthy snacks between your meals, I have a whole blog post on low-sugar snack ideas!

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